Birkbeck, University of London Health and Safety Services

Manager's Toolkit

The Manager's Toolkit is a collection of resources to help guide both academic and non-academic managers. These resources will be updated periodically. If you discover any guidance that you think might best be included her then please contact the health and safety office.

Birkbeck resources

Line managers and those newly introduced to the role are able to undertake an online course on

Here are also links to some pre-existing guidance that may help.

General resources

The Health and Safety Executive

The University Safety and Health Association

The College is a member of USHA and their guidance can be obtained from the health and safety service. They have published a guidance document on health and safety in research that is available through the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) here:

Responsible Research

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Safety without borders - Keeping your staff healthy and safe abroad

Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR)

ISTR has set up and now accredits the Biosafety Accreditation Scheme which gives professional recognition to the competence of Biosafety practitioners.

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Date printed: 01/10/2023