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Health and Safety Services

Pets (or animals generally) on Birkbeck Premises

Dogs and other animals are not allowed inside Birkbeck buildings for the same reasons that they are excluded from other workplaces - hygiene, noise, nuisance, risk of bites or scratches and allergies.  There is also a fire safety reason for doing so.

In a fire alarm situation, owners would certainly attempt to return to their offices to retrieve their animals and in so doing they might place themselves and others at risk. One only has to think about the instances where owners have drowned trying to rescue their pets from hazardous water and the subsequent would-be rescuers of the owners that have also come to grief to appreciate that a similar situation could well occur in a fire.

Owners might insist that they would keep their dogs with them at all times while at Birkbeck but they either would not or could not and anyway the other objections would come into play.

Guide dogs for the visually impaired are an exception. The owners of other types of  'help' dogs must have received the prior permission from the Disability Officer and Health and Safety Officer to bring their animal on site.  Such dogs must be clearly identifiable by a 'help' dog coat

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