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Health and Safety Services

Health and Safety Induction Pack

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to Birkbeck.  On this page you will find links to all the core safety information you will need to work safely at the College. Post it in your 'favourites' section so you can easily retrieve it if necessary.  In addition, your  school or department will have local safety information or rules that should be brought to your attention.  These may be on school or departmental web sites, in booklet form or simple oral instructions such as where the toilets and fire exits are or what the fire alarm sounds like.  Ask the member of staff responsible for your induction if necessary.  There is also a lot more safety information and guidance among in the safety office web pages so do have a browse but if in doubt about anything - just ask your local safety coordinator or the College Health and Safety Officer, by emailing

To summon help in an emergency dial 555

Form to report an Accident/Incident      

Emergency Fire Action Instructions

Birkbeck General Statement of Safety Policy

Working Safely at your Computer

Reducing Stress at Work

First aiders, Safety Coordinators, etc 

Info about Birkbeck H&S Services

More Useful Fire Safety Information

The Greenthing                                  

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