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Health and Safety Services

Fieldwork at Syon - Instructions for Students

  1. General.
    You are advised not to take part in any activities that do not appear in the final programme. These do not form part of the course and no liability can be accepted for accident, injury or loss.

  2. Cooperation.
    Fieldwork often involves inherent risks and hazards resulting from the location and the weather. Field course leaders, in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act will take every reasonable care to ensure the safety of members of their parties. However, the potential dangers make it imperative that you co-operate fully with the course organisers on matters of health and safety and conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in order to reduce the risk to yourself and to others.

  3. Risk assessment.
    Hazards which may be encountered on the course and the controls necessary to minimise the risks from them are covered in the risk assessment document kept at the site and which will be issued to students before practical field work commences.

  4. Following instructions.
    Obey all safety instructions given by party leaders. Anyone not conforming to the standards required will be dismissed from the field course. Stay with the party, except by clear arrangement with the leaders. Assemble, where and when told, to receive specific instructions regarding likely hazards. Observe instructions for reporting after completion of work.

  5. Fitness.
    You must inform the leader before any field trip if you have a medical condition that could give rise to problems and discuss the matter with appropriate medical personnel. If you feel ill inform the leader at once. Tell the leader if you have any difficulty in keeping up with the party.

  6. Transport to Sites.
    Unless transport by coach or minibus is arranged, all transport arrangements to and from the course are your responsibility and no liability can be accepted for any injury or loss. In particular you should take care to ensure that if you accept any offer of transport that appropriate insurance is in force.

  7. Behaviour.
    You should make every effort to sustain the College's reputation for order and discipline. In particular you should have consideration for others in the field and avoid actions that may compromise the safety, well-being or enjoyment of others. A student who fails to maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour, as outlined above, will be dismissed from the field course and referred to the College Authorities.

  8. Insurance.
    Please note that although the College has appropriate statutory insurance cover for employers' liability and for public/ products liability, this does not extend to health, travel or property insurance for yourself as a course participant. Neither the University, nor the College, nor the Centre, has insurance which covers you for death, injury, illness or disease, or for loss or damage to your property. You should therefore consider whether you wish to take out such insurance before the start of the course.

  9. Record Sheet.
    You are required to complete a 'Personal & Medical Record Sheet and you will not be permitted to take part in fieldwork activities until you have done so. The information is sought solely to assist staff members to ensure your comfort and safety and to enable rapid and correct action to be taken in the event of an emergency. All information provided will be treated sympathetically and confidentially.

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