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Health and Safety Services

Emergency evacuation information for staff


Fire Action Notices are posted at alarm call points throughout the premises. Please become familiar with the local arrangements.

  • The fire alarm is a continuous ringing bell or siren in all buildings.

  • When a continuous alarm sounds, leave your area promptly, close doors behind you and encourage others to leave too

  • Inform the Duty Attendant or the Fire Brigade if you know of an area where disabled persons require assistance with evacuation.

  • If you are in charge of students or visitors, make them aware of the evacuation arrangements in that area. Should the alarm sound, direct them to the nearest emergency exit and escort them to the Assembly Point. This will allow space for others to exit safely, provide unrestricted access for the emergency services.

At the larger buildings, the Duty Attendant is in charge of implementing Birkbeck's emergency evacuation procedures assisted by the Fire Wardens, please follow their instruction.

However, all Birkbeck staff are expected:

  • to instruct persons leaving buildings to move well clear of exits and to move to the Assembly Point. Encourage evacuees to not cause congestion on pavements forcing others into the street.

  • to instruct persons not to re-enter buildings until the all-clear has been given by the Duty Attendant or a senior fire brigade officer.

In the event of an emergency evacuation at buildings without a Duty Attendant, all staff are required to provide instruction as

 above until further assistance arrives.


Birkbeck staff and students use buildings not under the direct control of the College such as; Emerald Street, UCL South Wing, Birkbeck Stratford & USS, evening Nursery and all external teaching venues.

Staff based in or visiting them should read and follow the fire instructions posted in the rooms and corridors and communicate these to their students as necessary. Follow the instructions of local Fire Wardens, Security Staff or Officers of the Fire Brigade. 

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