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Health and Safety Services

Fire Safety – Instructions for Students and Visitors

Fire Alarms

The main fire alarm is a continuous ringing bell or continuous siren in all Birkbeck buildings.
When a continuous alarm sounds you must leave the building immediately.

There will be no other warning messages!

If you hear a continuous fire alarm

  1. Leave the building immediately by the nearest exit. Do not delay to collect your belongings.

  2. Do not use the lifts.

  3. Follow the instructions of your tutor, course leader or fire wardens.

  4. Report the location of anyone unable to evacuate due to a disability to the Duty Attendant or the Fire Brigade.

  5. Once outside, go to the Assembly Point for your building or as directed by the Fire Warden. Assembly point details are given on the Fire Action notices posted adjacent to fire alarm call points throughout the building.

  6. Do not stand in the road. Do not stand immediately outside the building.

  7. Do not re-enter the building unless told it is safe to do so by either, the Duty Attendant, Fire Warden or an Officer of the Fire Brigade.

If you discover a fire

  1. Operate the nearest fire alarm (red "break-glass" boxes on walls) [image]

  2. The fire alarm will immediately sound.

  3. Follow the instructions above.

Explore the College. Get to know alternative fire exit routes from your location.

Fire Alarm tests

Our fire alarms are tested between 08.00 and 08.40 on week-days.
Alarm tests involve intermittent bursts of sound of only a few seconds duration.

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