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Health and Safety Services

First aid arrangements

To summon assistance in an emergency call extension 555

First aiders

The College seeks to have number of staff trained in first aid in order to take control of any accidents or ill-health that might occur in the workplace. There are two levels of training, First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work. The former is a four-day certified course for staff who may be working in more hazardous environments or who may be summoned to assist with more complex situations or when paramedical help may be delayed. The majority of the College's first aiders attend the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course which gives them the skills to take control of an emergency situation. First aiders are required to update their practical skills every three years and should update their theoretical knowledge every year.

Some staff are required to have more specific training which may be identified and arranged locally by their School or Department.

More information on first aid is available from the Health and Safety Executive's page at:

For information about forthcoming first aid courses visit the Training pages. Access to the online refresher course and login details for qualified first aiders is available on request from the Health and Safety Service.

Download this free mobile first aid app from St John Ambulance for first aid advice.

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