Human Resources

Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure pdf format

1. 0  Disciplinary and Dismissal Principles 

The disciplinary and dismissal process and procedure is intended to help and encourage staff to improve and maintain the required level of conduct. This document outlines a fair, transparent and consistent process that includes the key steps the College will take if the conduct of staff falls below what is expected of them.

1.1  Scope

The following procedure applies to all staff who have successfully completed their probationary period (please see Birkbeck Probation Procedure for guidance on managing staff conduct during the probationary period). It does not apply to Academic staff who are covered by the College Charter and Statutes nor to agency workers or staff with a contract for services who are bound by the terms and conditions governing their contracts within their respective organisations.

If it is established that issues are related to performance then the Performance Management Policy and Procedure should be followed.  If it is established that issues are health-related, the Sickness Absence Policy should be followed. 

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