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Leave of one term or more (study leave)

Study Leave is defined as paid leave from teaching and administration for the purposes of research, study, or the preparation of academic publications for a period of one term or more. Academic members of staff on Study Leave will continue to be paid their full salary during the period of Study Leave. However, if absent from the College they will be expected to make their offices available to their school for other uses. Study Leave is primarily for the benefit of the College, as well as enhancing the career of the staff member concerned. Therefore the normal expectation is that staff will not take Study Leave directly before ceasing their employment at the College.

With the exception of the Vice-Master and the Executive Deans (see below) Study Leave will not involve the College paying any additional costs incurred, e.g. for replacement teaching, from any central College budget.

Academic staff may apply for one term’s Study Leave after the completion of nine terms' service. Credits can be accumulated to form longer blocks, if required. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. to comply with the British Academy research leave scheme) staff may take Study Leave one term earlier than when a credit is due and such applications will be treated sympathetically, according to circumstances.

It should be noted in this context that Maternity and Paternity Leave does count towards a member of staff’s length of service on which Study Leave credit is based, as does a period of Study Leave.

Applications should be made by completing the form entitled Application for Leave of Absence word format.

A staff member applying for Study Leave should submit the completed form to their Executive Dean for approval, via the Assistant Dean, regarding its timing. Assistant Deans, having consulted departmental colleagues, must make their own decisions about priorities in submitting applications for Study Leave to the Executive Dean. Assistant Deans will be expected to pay due regard to previous leave taken under School Study Leave schemes, and to previous periods of Unpaid Leave taken. In all cases Study Leave credit will be treated as having accumulated since the beginning of the employment of the member of staff concerned as a member of the academic staff at the College (provided they have 3 years or more service at the College at the start of the pilot scheme), up to a maximum of one year’s accumulated credit in the case of a long-serving member of academic staff who has not previously taken Study Leave. Assistant Deans should normally provide equal opportunities to all post-probationary staff to apply for Study Leave.

The leave shall be reported by the Executive Dean to the Chair of the Staffing Committee, Academic Board, the Research Committee, and to Governors (via an annual composite report submitted to each in the autumn term). All staff members completing a period of Study Leave must submit a brief report on how the Leave was used to their Executive Dean, via their Assistant Dean.

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